10 More Questions With Keion

September 2, 2021

My work sent me a deck of questions that I thought I'd answer on my blog.


Gays, the Danger of Dating Assholes and Using Dating Apps

September 1, 2021

I am not a very confident person–though my confidence has certainly increased after getting a job and pumping out work for some of the most prominent brands in the design business. This transfers outward to my behavior as I can drape myself in the most valid form of my existence. Regardless, I am a turtle, a sloth, a lost lone alien cat. Small company, casual company, these are the vibes. It may seem comical to call yourself a sloth of all animals, but their slow apathetic existence is one to be revered. Their bland diet even resembles mine.


25 Questions With Keion

August 31, 2021

If I don’t know something I just don’t talk about it. I think that this is the safest possible option to take.


Gay Love

August 21, 2021

The human lifespan is genuinely pathetic, with no way so far to augment it that we've discovered. Google did, at one point, attempt to cure aging. Maybe I'm simply making a bigger deal out of it than it seems; perhaps you don't feel that bad the older you get. Regardless, I think getting a partner will assuage most of these fears. Many older people seem incredibly happy, and I'm frankly unsure I even want to make it that far. I suppose we'll see. If you don't find gay love as soon as possible, you are truly fucked.